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"Should car accident victims have plastic surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersShould car accident victims have plastic surgery?


I am 32 and was in a car accident. My face was significantly injured. Should I have surgery? Nobody has talked to me about this, but I want to consider it.


First of all let me start out by saying that I am very sorry to heat that you had such a bad accident that resulted in facial injuries. I am not sure from the information given in your question how recent this car accident was, but I hope that you received appropriate emergency medical care at or around the time of the accident. Now assuming that you have completely healed from the accident, and there are some deformities that resulted, there are likely things that can be done to help get you back to the functional and aesthetic place that you want to be. Now I should say that I am hesitant whenever I hear a question like "should I have surgery?" because this is truly a question that only you can answer. What I would recommend is that you set up a consultation with a facial plastics surgeon for an evaluation, and to go over your options. What the surgeon should do is listen to your concerns, take a thorough history, perform a detailed physical examination, order the appropriate work-up (which may include imaging of some sort like a CT scan in your case), and then go through the different surgical and non-surgical options with you. They may give you their recommendation as far as what they think the best option is, but the decision has to ultimately be yours. If nothing else, a facial plastics consultation will let you know some of your options. Best of luck.

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