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"Prostate problem - how serious is it?"

ZocdocAnswersProstate problem - how serious is it?


I went to my doctor and had them check my prostate she said it did not feal enlarged but im having a lot of problems urinating cant get it started or emptied all the way and if try and push hard it really hurts and still doesnt come out.


I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties with urination, which sound frustrating as well as painful. It sounds like your primary care doctor performed a prostate exam, and thought the size was normal. However, it is still possible that you could have a problem with your prostate or urinary tract causing these problems. A urologist is the type of specialist who focuses on the prostate and urinary problems, and you might want to ask your primary care doctor to refer you to one for further evaluation. The symptoms you describe could be due to prostate enlargement, bladder infection, or prostate infection. These are the most common causes of urinary hesitancy and in complete bladder emptying in men. The fact that you are having pain with urination raises suspicion for infection, rather than just prostate enlargement. You could have a problem with your urinary sphincter, which also is involved in allowing easy bladder emptying. Lastly and probably least likely, bladder cancer or prostate cancer could cause those symptoms by blocking the exit of urine out of the bladder through the urethra. I encourage you to discuss the above-mentioned possibilities with your primary care doctor, and possibly with a urologist as well. Your primary care doctor can start by performing a urine test to look for infection.

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