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"Should I get a periodontal consultation for my gum defect?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I get a periodontal consultation for my gum defect?


A few years ago I got a kanker sore that was on my lip, then spread to my gum. The gum sort of died and rotted away from the tooth. It's not spreading, but it's been this way for years and looks constantly inflamed. Is this reason for a consultation? An old dentist said it was fine.


Yes, from what you are describing you should be seen by a qualified health professional. A periodontist might well be a good place to start, although many dentists would feel comfortable handling this problem as well. The concern that I have about your problem is the fact that it has persisted for so long. Any sort of lesion like this would be expected to heal itself over time, and the fact that you mention a continual appearance of inflammation makes me concerned that there may be some other process that is occurring. Even if there is nothing that is actively causing the inflammation, the fact that it is inflamed is a concern, as chronic inflammation can have a host of other complications that need to be reviewed with a health care professional. Additionally, the status of your oral health can impact the quality of your overall health to a great degree as well, and we are continually finding out how important adequate oral hygiene and preventive maintenance really is. Please speak to a periodontist or other health care provider about your concerns and the long healing time that has already passed with minimal changes in your gums.

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