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"Will a periodontal consultation help stop my gums from bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a periodontal consultation help stop my gums from bleeding?


I have pretty bad bleeding gums, especially when I floss. I am hoping this will help. If not, where should I go?


There are a variety of possibilities for why your gums would bleed and so more information would be very helpful in deciding upon what the appropriate work up would be. Have you noticed that you have many bruises that you may not be able to account for, or bruising that is out of line with the injury you sustained (i.e. minor bump leads to large bruise)? Have you noticed problems with bad breath, teeth discoloration, or pain with eating or drinking hot or cold items? Do you floss and brush your teeth regularly? These are all questions to consider and discuss with your dental professional, and he or she will best be able to evaluate your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam and decide upon what further work up and treatment options are medically appropriate. This may include labs tests or imaging studies, and perhaps a referral to a specialist. In general, bleeding from gums could be related to poor dental hygiene, gingivitis, or other related issues that your dentist will be able to evaluate and treat. There are other medical causes for bleeding in the gums related to blood related problems that are also of concern. Make sure to discuss these concerns with your dentist.

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