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"How soon after the procedure should I have my plastic surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersHow soon after the procedure should I have my plastic surgery follow up?


Getting a minor facelift but trying to plan afterwards. I know they'll need to do a follow up - but how long after? I want to be traveling for a while. Will this be safe.


The time to follow-up is a decision that should be made by your primary surgeon. That said, common intervals to follow-up appointments are between a few weeks to a few months after the procedure. That is because with any surgery there are risks including bleeding, infection, or poor wound healing / cosmetic outcome, which most commonly occur in the weeks to early months following surgery. Only your surgeon will know the complications specific to the type of surgery you are having, but as a general rule you should plan on making it to your follow-up appointment. If you plan on traveling, you should discuss this with your surgeon and make a clear plan for the signs or symptoms of a complication from the surgery, what you should be watching out for, and how to contact your surgeon in case of concerns for a complication. Traveling, particularly out of the country or out of easy contact with your surgeon, should not increase the likelihood of having a complication, but it will make it much more challenging to get to the appropriate care if you do have problems. I would suggest you contact your surgeon to describe your travel plans and make a plan for how and when you plan to follow-up, and who to contact if you have concerns. Although you alone will decide whether or not to travel, your surgeon can help you make this decision with a good description of the reasons for follow-up and what your plan should be.

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