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"What will the doctor look for at my plastic surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will the doctor look for at my plastic surgery follow up?


Are there tests they do to make sure everything is OK? I'm paying a lot of money and want things to go perfectly.


A little more information would be very helpful in answering your question. Have you already had your preoperative consultation? Have you already undergone surgery? What are the concerns that you have regarding the surgery being performed? Have you had plastic surgery or any other type of surgery in the past and did you have any problems during those surgeries? These are questions to consider and discuss with your plastic surgeon during the preoperative consultation. It is very important that you have an open and frank discussion with your surgeon regarding postoperative issues including projected length of stay, pain control after surgery, what are the associated risks and benefits of the procedure and the personnel who will be involved in the procedure (sometimes they may have residents or fellows who are currently in training to be involved in the case, and so it is important that you know that and are ok with that). Oftentimes, surgeons will be able to discuss outcomes after the surgery based on the literature or their personal experiences and so it is always helpful to discuss what percentages of patients have complications and what types of complications they have. Generally, during the postoperative period, they will evaluate the wound to ensure that it is healing adequately along with evaluating for signs of infection. Again, discuss with your surgeon for more information.

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