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"Is my deep voice due to polycystic ovaries?"


I am told polycycstic ovaries can be a result of a hormonal imbalance. Could this be why my voice is so low for a woman?


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a complicated disease that involves problems with the endocrine system and female reproductive system. The actual cysts in the ovaries are incidental and are only a marker of the disease, not a cause of the disease. PCOS is a syndrome that can cause irregular periods, difficulty getting pregnant, weight gain, diabetes, and symptoms of too many androgen hormones (called hyperandrogenism) such as a deeper voice, and facial hair growth.

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The part of the syndrome that is caused by too many androgen hormones may be what is causing your lower voice. There are ways to control these symptoms and reduce the long term complications of PCOS. The management of PCOS often involves medication, weight control, and sometimes the use of hormonal birth control pills. Since you are showing signs of hyperandrogenism, I suggest that you see a PCOS specialist. A good physician for you to schedule an appointment with is an endocrinologist. This type doctor will be best equipped to handle all of your endocrine system issues including diabetes (if you have this), being overweight, and excess androgens. There are medications that many primary care physicians and OBGYNs may not be used to prescribing that can help your situation. Good luck.

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