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"How soon after surgery will I have post-operative mobility in my hands and fingers?"


I had surgery for my carpal tunnel. How long before I can type again?


Some things to consider include how was the procedure done, was it performed using a minimally invasive approach or an open approach. Different opinions are stated in the literature as to when you are safe to go back to typing and for this reason it is important that you discuss this further with the surgeon who performed the carpal tunnel release surgery on you. In general, it is important to discuss any questions such as length of time when you will not be able to perform normal activities, length of time that you are expected to have pain from the surgery, and length of incision are all important things to discuss with your surgeon prior to undergoing the procedure.

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this way you are well informed of what to expect after the surgery. In general, some surgeons say anywhere from four to twelve weeks but of course this could be shorter or longer depending on what your surgeon would like, and what he or she found during the surgery. Regardless, it is best that you discuss this with your surgeon as only they would know what was found in surgery and how long you should avoid strain on your wrist.

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