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"What are the elements of post-stroke therapy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the elements of post-stroke therapy?


Is it multifaceted? Does it happen in steps? MY mother was hospitalized last week for a stroke. What should we be thinking about?


The hospital course of a stroke victim can be complicated. The vast majority of patients that have a stroke do not get to the hospital in time to receive therapy that prevents the deficits from occurring. Since your mother has been hospitalized for a week, most likely the deficits that she has now are what she will be dealing with for a long time. Many stroke patients go on to physical medicine and rehabilitation facilities after they are discharged from the hospital. The purpose of this is for the stroke patient to regain certain key activities of daily living. For example, some people lose some strength in one arm or leg from a stroke. The physical medicine and rehabilitation team can help them find a new way to walk, do the dishes, and use the bathroom. From their, the team decides what additional help the person will need when they go home (physical therapy, occupational therapy, special beds or stairs etc). Finally, the patient will need to take medication to prevent another stroke from happening. I must say that the elements of post-stroke therapy are highly dependent on the deficits the patient has. Many patients walk away from the hospital with few if any deficits and do not require rehabilitation. I suggest that your mother schedule an appointment with your primary care physician after she is out of the hospital. Her doctor will know which other specialists your mother should see on a regular basis.

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