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"How many post-natal follow ups will I need to have during my pregnancy?"


How do these work? How should I prepare?


Prenatal care during pregnancy is very important. Every OB/GYN is different so it is important to talk to the doctor who will be delivering your baby and discuss how often he or she expects you to be seen. Most doctors schedule your first visit anywhere from between 5-10 weeks gestation.

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This first visit tends to be lengthy as they will take your full medical history, do an exam, discuss any symptoms you are having, counsel you on pregnancy, and answer any questions you may have. After this, visits are usually every 4 weeks until week 30-32 at which point it usually increased to every 2 weeks. These visits tend to be quicker if you are not having any problems. You will usually be seen weekly starting at 36 weeks. If you have any complications during your pregnancy or are considered high risk for any reason you will likely need to be seen more often. After delivery of your baby you will usually have one postnatal visit 6 weeks postpartum. If you happen to have a C-section your doctor might want to see you around 2 weeks postpartum to check your incision and make sure you are healing appropriately. Again, please discuss this further with your OBGYN or primary care doctor.

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