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"What will they check for during a pregnancy follow up?"


Are there specific tests they'll run me through? Is it necessary if I'm in good health and the baby's doing great?


The answer to your question depends on where you are in this whole process. If you have just had your baby and the delivery was uncomplicated, then the first checkup will be just to make sure that you are healing okay. You may have your blood drawn to make sure your blood counts came back up if they dropped at all during the delivery.

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Other than that the purpose of the post pregnancy followup is just to make sure that you are doing okay. You will probably be spending more time in the first few months taking your new baby to his or her first week, first month, and 3 month checkups. If you are having any issues at home with pain after the birth, or any issues with feeding your baby, then this appointment will be important for you. I suggest that you schedule it soon. Your doctor will ask you a bunch of question regarding how things are going at home, and any symptoms you are having. Your doctor will also take your blood pressure to make sure it has returned to normal (if it was higher or lower during your pregnancy). Finally, he or she will perform a pelvic exam to make sure any injuries you have are healing.

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