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"Will I have a painkiller prescription after getting my wisdom teeth removed?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I have a painkiller prescription after getting my wisdom teeth removed?


I am told getting wisdom teeth removed hurts a lot. Will they give me painkillers or something?


Yes. Definitely. The amount of pain is dependent on how many teeth are being extracted. Getting wisdom teeth removed is painful. Local anesthesia is given by the dentist or the oral/maxillofacial surgeon. If several teeth are being removed at the same time, they may even determine that general anesthesia is the way to go (you will be asleep). If this is the case, you may be given instructions to not eat or drink the night prior to surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon will separate the tissue between the tooth and the bone, and then extract the tooth. Post procedure, you may have numbness in your mouth and lips, secondary to the anesthetic. You will may experience pain that generally requires pain killers that are usually prescribed every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. An ice pack applied to the cheeks will also be helpful in alleviating the pain. In addition, you will be given instructions to avoid tough foods, and to stay on a liquid diet, and gradually advance to a soft food diet. Remember, you can always contact your physician with any questions post procedure. And you must if you have extreme pain or swelling that is unrelieved with the above measures, if you experience high fevers, are unable to open your jaw, or if you have uncontrolled bleeding for greater than 24 hours after extraction. Please talk to your doctor for more specific information.

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