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"Do I need a preventive medicine consultation to keep my weight down?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need a preventive medicine consultation to keep my weight down?


I have no idea what kind of doctor to see about my weight. I have to get it under control. Dietitian vs pcp? Preventive medicine specialist?


While it sounds obvious, best kind of doctor to help with your weight is the kind of doctor that can help you to lose weight. At the forefront of this quest will be your relationship with your primary care doctor, who can help you organize appointments and treatment strategies that will be most effective with you. After discussing the problem with him or her, your doctor may recommend a visit to a dietitian to discuss your current eating habits, which could then be altered as needed. Alternatively, and depending on the state of your overall health, the source of the extra weight, and how much extra weight you are carrying, your primary care doctor may also recommend visits to endocrinologists, psychiatrists, and even to bariatric surgeons. Given the diverse options available and the fact that there is no perfect solution for weight loss that is the same for all people, your primary care is likely the best place to start. He or she will stress that the best weight loss is sustainable. This will usually eliminate the fad diets and extremes that can often come with them. An open discussion about improving your health by losing weight will be welcomed by your PCP, so please speak with them soon.

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