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"Why do I need a prosthodontic follow up after getting my dentures?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I need a prosthodontic follow up after getting my dentures?


What will they look for other than fit and maintenance? Is it true that they're not as good as implants over the long term?


Dentures are often needed when teeth are in quite bad shape and need to be removed entirely or in other medical conditions where teeth have needed to be removed. Many, many people end up having dentures, especially in older age. Although dentures are not as cosmetically attractive as implants, they have the advantage of being a lot less expensive, and so many people do opt to go this route. Although generally speaking dentures are very well tolerated, they do need to be checked up on especially soon after fitting. So you should definitely keep your prosthodontic followup appointments. Some of the things that could go wrong after denture fitting could include: 1) Poor healing of the areas where teeth were extracted, including sometimes infections (if the extractions were recent); 2) rubbing and sores developing from poorly fitting dentures; and 3) difficulty eating, talking, etc due to loose-fitting dentures. Your prosthodontist will be able to make an assessment on all of these points and determine whether things are going as planned. They will also be able to instruct you on proper maintenance and cleaning of your dentures, as these are quite expensive appliances that you will want to keep in good shape!

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