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"Will psychotherapy help me manage my stress?"


I am a single mother of three who does not get enough sleep. Will psychotherapy help me?


I am sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time coping with all that life is dealing you at this time. Regardless of what approach ends up being effective for you, it is important to know that there are options available and that you have people who are able to help. One of the most important links in that chain is your primary care doctor, who is able to recommend therapeutic options that best fit with who you are and what you need.

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The advantage of approaching your primary care doctor is illustrated by the fact that he or she has been working with you for a long period of time rather than just a brief snap shot, and hopefully will have recommendations that will best fit with your current challenges. One of those recommendations could well be psychotherapy. The ability to sit and discuss the problems that you have and decide which options are the best to help overcome them is invaluable to many people. Alternatively, there are others who may need help arranging social work consultations or organizing other community aids that might be necessary to help you in your current situation. Please speak to your primary care doctor about your concerns.

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