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"How often do psychotherapy sessions occur in the course of a month?"

ZocdocAnswersHow often do psychotherapy sessions occur in the course of a month?


Are they usually weekly sessions or does it vary from person to person? What is involved? Do most people benefit? How do I know if I should do it?


Some more information would be very helpful to answer your question. What types of issues are you having that you believe that you require psychotherapy? How long have you had these problems? Are you someone who feels better on a one on one basis or someone that enjoys a group setting. These are all important questions to discuss with your primary care doctor. The answers to these questions, along with your medical history, presenting symptoms, and clinical exam will help him or her decide upon the appropriate options available for you. Depending on what concerns you have that you believe require psychotherapy, he or she may decide to recommend these sessions or perhaps refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. In general, depending on what you are receiving the psychotherapy for, the sessions may go between weekly to monthly sessions. There are also group therapies available, and some people find these are more helpful for them. In terms of benefits from these sessions, everyone is different and so it is difficult to say how much benefit you will receive. First, talk with you primary care doctor about whether he or she thinks you should do it.

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