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"What do doctors look for during a reconstructive surgery follow up?"


I recently had reconstructive surgery for my ear after an accident. What will doctors check for during my follow up?


Regarding your recent surgery, have you had any worsening redness or discharge from the incision site? Have you had any recent fevers or pain that continues to worsen since the surgery? Has the incision healed nicely or does it appear that there are still areas that have not come together well? Does it feel as though there is a fluid collection forming under the incision site? These are questions to consider and discuss with your ear surgeon as they will take this information, as well as your clinical examination and decide the extent of healing from your surgery, whether there are any signs of infection or poor wound healing, and whether the goals of surgery have been met. In general, they will evaluate your incision and based on a preset number of criteria regarding what the wound should look like at this time, they can make some decisions about whether the goals of surgery have been met, whether there is an underlying infection that may be present or any of a number of other concerns that can become present after surgery. To understand more about these concerns, it is important to discuss these issues with your surgeon.

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