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"Is a refractive lens exchange right for me?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a refractive lens exchange right for me?


My vision has started to get worse and I want to fix it permanently. Will this help?


There are several surgical options that are available for fixing vision in a more permanent fashion than simply wearing glasses or contacts. However, only your eye doctor can determine which of these procedures is right for you, as a lot depends on the shape of your eye and on how much of a vision defect you have. Refractive lens exchange is a procedure in which the natural lens in the eye is extracted and is replaced with an artificial lens. This is a natural extension of the type of surgery that has been done for years for people who suffer from cataracts, which is a clouding of the lens that occurs with age and with some medical conditions. For most people who do not have cataracts, a refractive lens exchange procedure would not be the procedure of choice. For example, for most people who suffer from myopia (near sighted), laser reshaping of the cornea of the eye (LASIK) is a much more standard and easier procedure. One case where refractive lens exchange might be more indicated would be in cases of bad hyperopia (far sighted), as laser based procedures (LASIK) are less effective in these cases. Start by talking with your eye doctor to see what procedure is right for you!

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