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"What are the advantages of having a refractive surgery consultation?"


What do they do at the consultation? I am 62 and do not want to lose my vision as I age.


Refractive eye surgery is a very common procedure that is becoming increasingly popular. If you are interested in a more permanent fix to your vision problems rather than simply wearing contacts or glasses, then it might be an issue for you. As with any procedure, refractive eye surgery is not right for everyone.

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Therefore the first step would be to set up an appointment with an eye doctor to discuss the possibilities and see if there is a procedure that is right for you. The most popular forms of refractive eye surgery involve using laser to reshape the cornea, which is the clear outside portion of the eye, which allows light to better focus inside the eye. The most commonly known type of this surgery is called LASIK, but there are other similar techniques that have subsequently been developed as well. LASIK and related surgeries work well for correcting near sightedness but they are less good for correcting far sightedness. Another consideration is that, in more elderly people, cataracts, or clouding of the lens, may be a major feature of vision trouble. LASIK does not correct cataracts, so you would need to talk to your eye doctor to determine if what you really need is cataract surgery.

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