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"Do I need an eye exam before a refractive surgery consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need an eye exam before a refractive surgery consultation?


Does the eye exam take place during the consultation? Is there any other way I should prepare?


Generally, it is dependent on the doctor who will be performing the surgery whether they decide to do an eye exam during your initial consultation, but unless you have just recently had an eye exam, it is likely that they will perform an eye examination to have the most recent eye examination documented. Sometimes, as you probably know, people can have changes in their vision between eye exams so it is important that you have the most recent eye examination on file to know what your baseline is. It is also likely that they will discuss the entire procedure with you, including the risks, benefits, complications and personnel who will be conducting the procedure. If you have other questions, the preoperative consultation is the best time to ask them because it will help you get into the mindset of what is planned for you and what you should expect after the surgery. Things to ask your doctor include how much pain is normal, and whether you will receive pain medications, what types of things should you be looking for regarding associated complications. In general, the preoperative consultation is very important to begin the doctor patient bond and sets the stage for the rest of the interactions.

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