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"Will I need glasses after my refractive surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I need glasses after my refractive surgery follow up?


How long after the surgery will I be able to see normally?


A little more information would be very helpful to answer your question best. What is your current prescription for your eye glasses? Have you had an ophthalmology examination and have you been evaluated for refractive surgery? If so, what were the recommendations that they had regarding when you will be able to see normally and whether you will need glasses after your surgery. When you go to see your ophthalmologist for an evaluation regarding refractive surgery, some important questions to discuss with him or her include what are the risks and benefits of the procedure, as well as what are the possible complications, and also who will be performing the procedure (will residents and fellows in training be helping with the procedure)? What are the risks that you require further surgery if your eyesight doesn't improve fully? How much pain is usual after the surgery and what are the pain medications that you will likely be discharged with. It is very important that you discuss all the concerns that you have with your surgeon because he or she will best be able to answer the questions relating specifically to your surgery and your medical history.

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