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"Do people with restless leg syndrome move their legs in their sleep?"

ZocdocAnswersDo people with restless leg syndrome move their legs in their sleep?


My husband moves his legs constantly, even at night. He doesn't mind, but should we ask about RLS?


Restless leg syndrome is a increasingly recognized condition in which patients feel an extreme sensation of vague discomfort in their legs and an uncontrollable need to move their legs. Upon moving or stretching of the legs, the uncomfortable sensation goes away. Usually the symptoms are worse towards the end of the day and especially at night. Some cases of restless leg syndrome can be accompanied by jerking movements of the legs while asleep. These jerking movements may or may not be disturbing to the patient. Restless leg syndrome can be either primary, meaning that we do not know the exact cause of it, and secondary, meaning it is related to another underlying condition such as diabetes, anemia, kidney disease, and the like. Although it does sound like your husband moves his legs quite frequently, what is not clear from your question is whether this bothers him, interferes with normal activities, or is associated with an uncomfortable sensation in the legs. If the answer to these questions is no, then this is much less likely to be restless leg syndrome. If, however, you are concerned about the possibility that your husband has this condition, then you should start by describing these symptoms to your primary care doctor.

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