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"What will a retina consultation examine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will a retina consultation examine?


My doctor suggested a retina consultation? My vision is mostly fine minus the spots. What will I learn?


A retina consultation is performed by an eye specialist known as an ophthalmologist. The retina is a thin layer of tissue made of nerve cells that sit at the back of the inside of your eye. Their job is to capture photons of light as they are collected from the environment. Without the retina, no images would be visible to you. The purpose of the examination is to look closely at your retina and determine if there are any abnormalities. Your doctor is probably sending you for this evaluation because of the spots you are seeing. Seeing spots or floaters can be caused by retinal damage, especially after an accident or head trauma of some type. If you are a diabetic, then this type of examination should be an annual thing. The examination will consist of the ophthalmologist looking into your eye with a special instrument called an ophthalmoscope. Ophthalmologist use fancy ones to get great images of your retina. I suggest that you schedule your appointment with the ophthalmologist. Bring someone with your to the examination that can drive you home. Sometimes they will use a special eye drop that can cause blurry vision for a few hours and you won't want to be driving afterward. Good luck.

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