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"Should I have a retina consultation if my vision has started to blur?"


This is what I was thinking after reading online. What else could be wrong with my eye?


Blurry vision can have many different causes. The most common cause of newly acquired blurry vision as we get older is presbyopia. This is basically a natural phenomenon where the eyes change their shape and their ability to accommodate over time.

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This makes vision more blurry requiring many people to get prescription glasses and sometimes bifocals later in life. There are other reasons that vision can begin getting blurry. You mentioned having a retinal consultation. This is a doctor's visit where an ophthalmologist will examine that back of your eye where the retina is. This is done using a special tool called an ophthalmoscope. If your vision does not correct with glasses or contact lenses, then this would be the next place to look. If you're not sure where to start, then I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can administer a vision test to document how bad your vision is. After that, you doctor can examine your retina and see if anything looks abnormal. After this examination, your doctor will know whether you need to go see an optometrist to get fitted with lenses, or an ophthalmologist for a vision consultation. Good luck.

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