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"Will I be given antibiotics during my retina surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill I be given antibiotics during my retina surgery follow up?


How will my eye remain healthy after surgery? I'm 62, male.


It is difficult to say exactly what will happen at your retinal surgery follow up appointment without knowing a bit more about why you had retinal surgery, what type of surgery you had, etc. Suffice it to say, however, that most retinal surgery in someone your age is performed to fix retinal detachments. Although retinal detachment surgery is usually very well tolerated and works very well, followup is needed for several reasons. First, often the first surgery is only effective about 80% of the time, and followup surgeries many be needed to further correct the detachment. Second, there are multiple complications following the surgery that need to be followed closely. For example, the blurry vision often persists for quite a while after, and your doctor will want to follow that until it resolves. Other complications of the surgery, depending on the type of surgery that was performed, may include cataracts and glaucoma. I do not know if you will receive antibiotics at your followup appointment. This depends on your doctor's preferences, how well you are healing, and whether or not there are any signs of an infection. Start by going to your appointment, and asking these questions directly to your eye doctor.

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