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"Will cavities require root canals if left untreated?"

ZocdocAnswersWill cavities require root canals if left untreated?


Is there any way to postpone getting filling and avoid root canals?


As of course you know, the best approach to dental problems is to prevent them! Therefore the best way to avoid needing fillings, root canals, and other dental procedures is through regular daily flossing and brushing together with regular (at least yearly) dental cleanings and checkups. If, unfortunately, you are already dealing with a situation in which you have a significant cavity (which is a weakness or hole in the hard outside lining of the tooth, then you are definitely running the risk that that cavity will enlarge and worsen over time. Of course, you can still sometimes prevent the enlarging of these cavities and the development of new ones by using the above regular dental hygiene approach. However, once a cavity is formed and picked up by your dentist, it does generally need to be fixed with a filling. A filling is the most effective way to ensure that the cavity does not worsen over time. In the long term, filling cavities is also a very cost effective approach, because the amount of money is generally minimal - much less than the amount of money required to do a root canal if the cavity worsens. Talk to your dentist for more information!

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