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"Do I need a prescription for my allegies?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need a prescription for my allegies?


When are they bad enough that I should see a doctor?


While there is no perfect answer about when you should meet with a doctor to discuss your allergies and the symptoms they are causing, in general, speaking with your primary care doctor, an allergist, or an ear-nose-and throat surgeon (aka, otolaryngologist) is a good idea if you feel that your allergies are affecting your quality of life and you are not able to manage your symptoms appropriately with over the counter medications. Alternatively, if you feel that you have questions about what other options can be utilized or feel that your allergies are becoming worse, speaking with a doctor would be appropriate. This, of course, is speaking of routine seasonal allergies such as hay fever. For more serious allergies such as nut allergies or others that cause swelling of your airway that can make it difficult to breathe, you should speak with your doctor soon. Otherwise, for more simple concerns, your doctor will have various medical options, such as intranasal steroids, that are more powerful and can more effectively control the annoying symptoms that chronic allergies can cause. Please speak to your doctor or specialist to discuss the various medications and treatments that might work best for you.

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