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"Is there a way to get rid of my seasonal allergies forever?"


Will allergy shots help keep me from getting sick?


I am sorry to hear that your seasonal allergies are frustrating you! Rest assured that this is one of the most common medical problems and that there are good treatments available to you! I highly recommend that you get in to see your primary care doctor or your allergy doctor as soon as possible. Seasonal allergies are a chronic medical problem. There is no "cure" such as from allergy shots.

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However, the medicines to prevent and control the symptoms are very good, as long as they are taken regularly and in the proper dose. Some of the medications that are used to control seasonal allergy symptoms are as follows: 1. Antihistamines. These are most typically taken in the form of long acting antihistamines like loratidine or cetirizine. These can control both congestion and eye itching. 2. Nasal steroid sprays. These include mometasone and fluticasone. They are especially effective for congestion and sneezing and cough. 3. Eye drops - Numerous different forms are used to control eye redness and itching. 4. Other medications - sometimes other medications such as montelukast are used in combination with the above. Start by talking to your doctor. They will be able to help you decide on a regimen that will work for you!

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