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"What is the benefit of getting a second opinion before plastic surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the benefit of getting a second opinion before plastic surgery?


I have selected the new nose shape I want and my doctor thinks it's fine. Will another opinion help?


This question may be answered differently by different physicians, because I think that there is no universally "right" answer. What I mean by this is that pending on the particular situation that you find yourself in, I may recommend that you ask for a second opinion, or I may say that the plan of care sounds reasonable. In this case I have minimal information so it is hard to answer. For instance I don't know your race, gender, current nose shape, desired nose shape, nasal skin thickness, medical history, or surgical history. I list of some (but not all) factors which are very important when planning a rhinoplasty to increase the likelihood of surgical success and patient satisfaction. Since I don't know any of this information about you, I would recommend that you base your decision on perhaps the most important factor of all...the trust relationship that you have with your surgeon. The doctor patient relationship is one that is completely built on trust. If you trust that everything your surgeon told you has been true to date, and you trust that they will follow through on everything that your both decided and are comfortable with that decision, then I would go forward with them. If for some reason you are dissatisfied at all with the doctor-patient relationship, then I would definitely recommend consulting with another facial plastics surgeon. This is very common and you will not offend anyone. I hope this helps.

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