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"What should I do if someone begins to have a seizure?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if someone begins to have a seizure?


I have an epileptic friend. I don't think she is on medicine. What should I do if she does start to hav ea seizure?


It is important for all family members and friends of people with seizure disorders, or epilepsy, to have some knowledge of what to do if a seizure were to occur as your help can be quite valuable to your friend. First of all, it is important to be supportive of your friend's condition. Sometimes epilepsy or seizure disorders can be stigmatizing conditions, and individuals who suffer from them can be reluctant to talk about their condition and can even sometimes stop taking medications that are necessary to control their seizures. Therefore, having a supportive group of family and friends who empower the individual to continue their therapy is important. If your friend were to have a seizure, you would first want to activate an emergency medical system by calling for help and asking for someone to call an ambulance. At the same time you would want to help your friend by easing them gently to the floor to avoid having them fall and strike their head or otherwise injure themselves. Turning them on their side can also be helpful, as it helps keep the tongue from closing off the airway. If you have any more concerns about your friend's epilepsy you should ask them. Similarly, if they have any concerns, they should talk with their primary care doctor.

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