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"How common are epileptic episodes?"


My girlfriend is epileptic. I have never seen her have an episode and we've been dating two years. How often do people typically get fits? What should I know about protecting her?


The episodes that you are talking about that epileptics get are called seizures. Any time that someone has two or more seizures in their life that cannot be explained by anther cause gets someone a diagnosis of epilepsy. Thus, someone could be an epileptic and only have two seizures their whole life, while someone else can be an epileptic and have daily seizures.

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Your girlfriend probably has not had a seizure for this long because she is either not that active of an epileptic or (more likely) she is taking a medication that reduces the likelihood of a seizure occurring. The medications today are very good at preventing seizures. If someone has a seizure, the first thing you do is call 911. Make sure that the person does not injury themselves. You should place them on the floor and remove anything in the area they could strike their head on. Finally, you need to make sure they don't swallow their tongue. If your girlfriend does have a seizure, after you take her to the emergency room you will want to schedule an immediate appointment with her neurologist. This doctor will be able to determine why seizure occurred and if there are any changes to her medications that need to be made. Good luck.

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