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"Can medicines help regulate epilepsy?"

ZocdocAnswersCan medicines help regulate epilepsy?


How do epileptics manage their condition? My son is getting diagnoesd, he is probably epileptic. What will we need to do?


Epilepsy is a condition characterized by repeated seizures, which are representative of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. If your son is indeed epileptic, he will need medications to help manage his symptoms and prevent further seizures in the future. Medications for epilepsy are usually taken daily, at least once a day, to prevent seizures. It is not uncommon for children with epilepsy to require changing in the dose and frequency to find the optimal dose. It is also not uncommon to require more than one drug to control seizures, as they often complement each others' effects. Furthermore, most drugs for epilepsy have side effects, which can include visual disturbance, excessive sedation, and movement difficulties; use of multiple drugs at low doses can minimize these side effects. Until the correct dose has been established, you will need to follow-up with your neurologist very frequently to assess for side effects and to assess for efficacy of the medications; many drugs also require frequent monitoring of blood levels to insure against toxicity. Epilepsy can be a frightening diagnosis, but with the correct medical therapies many children are able to lead normal lives. If your son is diagnosed with epilepsy, you should work closely with your neurologist to find the best regimen to maximize the control of your son's epilepsy and minimize side effects from the anti-epileptic drugs.

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