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"Is a staph infection considered a severe infection?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a staph infection considered a severe infection?


How long does treatment take? I don't have time to see the doctor during the workweek.


Staph infections are among the most common infections, and generally respond very well to treatment, although they sometimes require a simple procedure to remove the local infection. Unfortunately, over use of common antibiotics and failing to complete treatment regimens as directed have led to strains of bacteria that are resistant to the majority of antibiotics commonly used. You may have heard of MRSA, which is one example of this resistance that can be very dangerous. Because testing for this particular resistant strain of bacteria requires further testing, doctors are generally very cautious with any skin infection until all of the test results are back. Failure to completely treat this infection can result in the bacteria going to other parts of your body, such as your bones or even your heart, which can then require surgery to remove the infection, followed by long courses of intravenous antibiotics that often require indwelling intravenous lines. While this scenario is not common, it is certainly possible when an infection is not treated completely. If you are concerned about not taking time off during the work week, please speak with your doctor about scheduling, but don't avoid treating this infection as it can become very serious. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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