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"Do skin grafts happen while the patient is under general anesthesia?"


Hi. I am a 22 year old female. Will I need to be fully asleep during my skin graft?


This is a question that is best answered with another question, and will likely ultimately require the input of your surgeon who will be doing the procedure. There are various types of skin grafts, and so the question to you is, first, what is the skin graft for, and second, how extensive will the graft be? While there are obvious advantages to using local anesthesia (such as an injection of lidocaine or another medication that can be injected locally) or a regional block (where just a part of your body is anesthetized using, again, local injections of numbing medication), it will depend on the answers to the above questions before your surgeon and anesthesiologist will make a plan. General anesthesia is often necessary when the procedure will take a long time, cause extreme discomfort or pain, require you to remain perfectly still for a long time, or involve a body part that cannot be appropriately numbed using less invasive methods.

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If you have a preference with regards to anesthesia, your surgeon and anesthesiologist can generally help to accommodate your request, or at least explain to you their thinking behind their suggestion and plan. Please discuss anesthesia and the procedure with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

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