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"Are voluntary sleep studies safe?"

ZocdocAnswersAre voluntary sleep studies safe?


I am 29 and signed up for a volunteer sleep study because I was short on cash. Will this affect my normal sleeping habits?


A sleep study is one of the safest tests you can undergo. The purpose of a sleep study is to record the amount of time you sleep, how man times you wake up, and the various different brain waves that you have during sleep. These brain waves have patterns that can determine the quality of your sleep. The physicians that are doing the study may be interested in the number of times you wake up during your sleep. The study will involve the placement of electrodes on the forehead (with a sticky material) and probably some other non invasive monitors. After that, the only job you will have is to sleep just as you would normally. Sometimes sleep studies will involve the use of a medication. If you need to take a medication as a part of the study, just make sure to ask the study team what the potential side effects are of the medication. I advise that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The two of you will need to discuss the details of this volunteer sleep study and make sure that it is in your best interest. Your doctor may even recommend it if you have been having any sleep issues. Good luck.

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