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"Can sonography be used to get rid of kidney stones?"

ZocdocAnswersCan sonography be used to get rid of kidney stones?


I have kidney stones and would like the least invasive method for removing them.


The quick answer to your question is no, sonography cannot be used to get rid of kidney stones. However, there are noninvasive, or at least minimally invasive methods of getting rid of them. The first question that must be answered is how many stones you have an how big are they. If you recently passed a kidney stone, and there is a possibility that you have more, then you may benefit from therapies that just help prevent new stones from forming. For example, if you have the typical common calcium kidney stone, then drinking more water, and taking a medication to reduce the calcium in your urine will help reduce the number of stones that can develop. If this method is not satisfactory for your situation, then you may need to have the stones pulverized. This is done with a method called lithotripsy (also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy). This is where a sound wave is pulsed through your body to break apart the stones. This type of therapy is carried out by a urologist who may need to administer multiple treatments. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a urologist. He or she can take a look at your recent images and determine if your stone burden is appropriate for this therapy. If lithotripsy is not an option, then the two of you can discuss what the next best, least invasive therapy there is available to you.

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