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"Can an ultrasound tell me whether or not I'm pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersCan an ultrasound tell me whether or not I'm pregnant?


I think I may be pregnant and I'm going to see my doctor. Will he give me an ultrasound or a urine test?


The answer to your question depends on multiple factors. The first is how far along you are. Your doctor will ask you the date of your last menstrual period and whether or not your periods were regular before this. If you are very early in your pregnancy the ultrasound will not be able to see much so your doctor might opt to wait. You will definitely have a urine test to confirm your pregnancy and the results of this are immediate. Also, whether or not your doctor performs an ultrasound depends on if you are having any worrisome symptoms such as bleeding or cramping. Also, some physicians have an ultrasound machine right in their office whereas others require you to go to a separate facility to have an ultrasound. Make sure you start taking prenatal vitamins if there is even a chance you are pregnant. Also do not smoke or drink alcohol. If you are taking any medications, call your physician to discuss whether it is safe to continue taking them. Please see your OB/GYN. Your first visit to your OB/GYN is often quite lengthy as they will do a complete history and physical as well as counseling and, like I discussed above, definitely a urine test and possibly an ultrasound.

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