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"Can spleen problems result in a ruptured spleen?"

ZocdocAnswersCan spleen problems result in a ruptured spleen?


How does a spleen rupture? Does it happen randomly? My mom had spleen problems when she was yoiunger but doesn't like to ttalk about it.


A ruptured spleen is a serious complication, and can be a surgical emergency. This is because of the large amount of blood flow that goes through your spleen. Because of that, doctors are very careful to advise patients with certain splenic conditions to be careful about what activities they engage in. For example, patients with infectious mononucleosis (a common virus that is often acquired from kissing or otherwise sharing saliva with an infected person) will have splenic enlargement. Your spleen is important in fighting infections, and can enlarge in the setting of certain types of active infection. This will then predispose them to having a splenic rupture should they have trauma to that area. For this reason, high school football players are held out of games and practice for some time after being diagnosed with that condition. If your mother had a spleen condition in the past, it is possible that there could be some increased risk of a splenic rupture, but it is impossible to say without knowing more. Most people recover fully from most common splenic insults with minimal increased risks. Your mother should speak with her doctor if there are any concerns about long standing problems, however.

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