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"Can overexertion result in spondylolysis?"

ZocdocAnswersCan overexertion result in spondylolysis?


I play football six days a week. I had to sit out this season because of back pain. Is this what caused my spondylolysis?


I am sorry to hear that your back pain is affecting our ability to play football. I suggest that you talk with your sports trainer or your sports medicine doctor to see what they think your prognosis is and how you can recover function and no longer be in pain. Football and other contact sports are commonly associated with musculoskeletal injuries, including back injuries. The general wear and tear on the spine column can lead to degeneration and arthritis of the bones in the spine. This is generically referred to as spondylosis. I would be interested to know if you have had an MRI. That would be the first step in an athlete to diagnose specifically the cause of the back pain and determine if a particular treatment was necessary. Many times back injuries will respond to rest, stretching exercises, and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and prevent further injury. At the same times, return to play programs for athletes can often be more aggressive than those recommended for the general public, so I definitely recommend that you have the advice of your sports medicine doctor before deciding what your next steps should be and when to return to play.

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