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"Could sport injury counseling help my sore knees after racquetball?"

ZocdocAnswersCould sport injury counseling help my sore knees after racquetball?


My knees get so sore after racquetball, even when I wear a brace. I try taking baths but they only help so much. What now?


I would suggest that you first of all go to see your primary care doctor if you have not already done so. Primary care doctors deal with knee pains on a regular basis, and they will most likely be able to help you sort out what is going on. There are several possible causes of knee pain with exertion. These could include pain from osteoarthritis, which is age related arthritis, depending on how old you are. Your doctor will be able to determine this quickly, and if this is what is going on, suggest treatments. At the same time, any ligament or meniscal tears or damage, which would be more likely if you have a history of knee injury in the past, should also be suggested by the physical examination your doctor performs. Several overuse pain syndromes are also associated with the knee. The include iliotibial band syndrome and patello femoral pain syndrome (also known as runner's knee). They both have pretty typical types and locations of pain, and so your doctor should be able to rule out these for you as well. If, after this visit, something is found that requires further workup, such as a specialist visit or imaging studies, your doctor will help you set these up.

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