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"Is my sport injury due to dehydration?"


I am 24 and pulled my hamstring. Could this have been from dehydration?


A pulled muscle (also known as a strain injury or a strained muscle) can be a painful injury where the a muscle is overstretched causing small tears in the muscle. Dehydration usually does not play a major role. Sometimes dehydration can cause abnormalities in the sodium and potassium (electrolyte) levels in our blood.

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When this happens, our muscles can be more prone to cramping. These electrolyte abnormalities can be present or absent when you strain a muscle. Often a strained muscle can be attributed to failure to warm up or stretch appropriately before exercising. This combined with an athletic move which stretches the muscle too quickly and too much results in a muscle strain. The pulled hamstring can be a very difficult to deal with. They often take more than a week to heal, and in some cases are prone to re-strain later on. Thus, care must be taken to make sure that you rehabilitate your muscle in the most optimal way. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a sports medicine specialist. This type of doctor will examine your leg carefully and make sure that a more serious injury has not happened. You will then get instructions on how to heal your muscle the fastest with the least possibility of re-injury.

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