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"Are sport injuries common in gymnastics?"


My son wants to go into gymnastics but I'm afraid he's going to get hurt. Should I talk him out of it?


All vigorous sporting activities have their own potential list of injuries, and gymnastics is no exception. Gymnastics injuries can result from falls off of equipment or during tumbling activities. Typical serious injuries include sprains, broken bones, and head injuries.

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In other words, gymnastics should not necessarily be considered to be a safer type of sport than other vigorous and contact sports. Of course, with proper safety precautions, training, and instruction, some types of injuries can be minimized. For example, many injuries in gymnastics are caused when young children and teens perform or try to perform at levels that are too advanced or vigorous for them. Gradual progression of activities that are age appropriate and not too taxing can minimize these kinds of injuries. If your son does decide to go ahead with gymnastics, make sure that he gets a good physical examination by his pediatrician before doing so. This will help to determine if there are any conditions which might prevent him from participating. Many schools also now offer concussion programs which provide baseline screening of athletes prior to participation in the event of a future head injury. You should talk to your pediatrician for more detailed information.

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