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"Will my gynecologist do an STD check during my PAP smear?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my gynecologist do an STD check during my PAP smear?


Which STDs will she check for?


A PAP smear is a screening test that looks for evidence of cancerous or precancerous changes (known as dysplasia) in the of the cells in your cervical lining when examined under a microscope. These changes are most often the result of a sexually transmitted virus called HPV or human papillomavirus. Abnormal results depending on how abnormal the result is, may warrant repeat testing in 6-12 months or further cervical examination by a technique known as colposcopy. HPV DNA testing may also alternatively be performed. In short, your gynecologist will not be able to screen for all STDs, but will enquire about your sexual activity and your gynecologic health, and will offer to screen you for gonorrhea and chlamydia infections. In addition, the Center for Disease Control recommends universal HIV testing. You should address any specific concerns with your gynecologist openly. If you have specific symptoms, make sure to bring these up as well. In addition, if you know that your partner has or is exposed to certain STDs and want to be checked for those, be sure to enquire about testing for these as well. It is generally, as simple as obtaining a genital swab in order to look for additional diseases like Herpes, or sometimes even a blood test. Furthermore, remember your gynecologist can also discuss contraceptive options with you as well. I would definitely recommend seeing a gynecologist soon to address all of your questions in a more detailed manner.

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