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"Do I need a stent consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need a stent consultation?


One doctor recommended a stent, but I'm not sure. Who can I talk to about this.


Stents are used to open up blood flow past blockages that sometimes occur in blood vessels. The most common type of stent used is for coronary artery blockages. The purpose of these stents is to reduce the symptoms that occur when coronary artery blockages are presents. The typical symptoms that occur with this disease are chest pain that can radiate to the jaw or left arm, and shortness of breath. Both of these are usually made worse by exertion. The first step in this type of evaluation is a stress test. If the stress test is positive, then someone may be taken to the cardiac catheterization lab. The decision as to whether or not a stent must be placed is dependent on the results of a coronary artery catheterization. This procedure is done to look closely at the coronary arteries to determine if there are any blockages that need a stent. If there are too many blockages, or they are in certain critical areas, then a open heart bypass operation is usually recommended. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a cardiologist. The two of you can discuss the symptoms you have been having and come up with a plan for a workup. If you are having symptoms of coronary artery blockages, then you will likely need a stress test to start off with. Good luck.

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