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"Is stereotactic radiation a type of surgical procedure?"


Does any cutting go into the radiation, either as essential or as a supplement?


Stereotactic radiation is a procedure that utilizes radiation directed at a specific area of the body to kill or shrink of a tumor. Sterotactic radiation does not use any surgical techniques and requires no cutting. The best type of doctor for you to talk to about this technique is a radiation oncologist.

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Radiation is often used in the treatment of cancer. The advantages of providing radiation to a tumor is that the cancer cells can be killed without exposing the rest of the body to side effects. However, since it only treats one part of the body at a time, radiation often does not result in a cure of the cancer if it is already metastatic. While surgical procedures are not involved in radiation therapy, often patients with cancer do require both techniques as a part of the whole cancer treatment. Sometimes radiation is used prior to a surgery to shrink a tumor and make it easier to take out. Sometimes radiation is used after a surgery to increase the likelihood that all of the cancer was removed. The type of doctor that you want to schedule an appointment with is a radiation oncologist. This is the doctor who plans out and administers radiation when it is indicated. Good luck.

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