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"Are stroke check ups suggested for someone who had their first stroke a year ago?"


My mother has been fine since her stroke. Why does she still need check ups?


The answer to your question depends on many factors. If your mother had a stroke, and suffered no deficits (such as weakness or mental difficulties), then the most important service she needs is comprehensive stroke prevention. If she has deficits, she should continue her stroke followup until she is maximally medically better at which time she can probably be seen only for stroke prevention.

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Your mother will need lifelong stroke prevention follow-ups. These can be performed by her primary care doctor or neurologist, depending on your mother's and her doctor's preferences. Stroke prevention includes placing someone on the right blood thinning medication (if indicated) and controlling cholesterol, high blood pressure, and quitting smoking (if necessary). In addition, if your mother has a heart rhythm problem that caused the stroke, the she should have that treated as well. Finally, if your mother has blockages in her carotid arteries (which often results in strokes), then she should have these followed and treated if necessary. I suggest that your mother schedule an appointment with her neurologist. He or she can explain what stroke preventions measures your mother is currently being given and who (which physician) should follow her from here on out. I hope that answer helped.

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