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"What will doctors test during a stroke check up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will doctors test during a stroke check up?


Last year my father had a small stroke. Since then he's at 90%. What will a check up tell us about his progress?


A stroke, or a cerebrovascular accident, can be a severe event. Its is good to hear that your father is back at nearly his baseline. A stroke check up can be done my primary doctors or neurologist (brain doctors). In general, the stroke evaluation will have two parts. The first part is to assess the neurologic deficits that occurred from the stoke. This will consist of a discussion and physical exam to assess strength, coordination, cognitive function, vision and many other activities. A goal after stroke is to recover function, and by identifying what is not recovering, your doctor may be able to focus efforts. The second part of the stroke check up is to assess for causes of strokes. As there is no definitive treatment for a stroke, a good part of what the neurologist will do is to work to prevent future strokes. To prevent future strokes the doctor will look at risk factors for strokes like cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure. They can look at your heart rhythm and the vessels in your neck in order to assess if you are more likely to have a stroke. In addition, reviewing your medication regimen will be important. Make sure you bring in all the medicines to the visit. Good luck!

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