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"Does stroke treatment mostly take place in the form of medication?"


Does rehabilitation count as stroke treatment?


Treatment for stroke can be placed into two categories. First, if a person has had a stroke, then that person will need intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and perhaps assistance devices at home to allow someone to complete there activities of daily living. All of this depends on the severity of the deficits that result from a stroke.

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Many people end up with very few deficits and a short run of physical and occupational therapy is all that is needed to get them back on their feet. The second part of stroke treatment is to identify the cause of the stroke and do what is necessary to prevent it from happening again. Many strokes are associated with high blood pressure, smoking, or high cholesterol. These would be need to be corrected. In addition, some people develop blockages in their carotid arteries that can cause strokes. If this was the cause of the stroke, this would need to be fixed with a surgery. Other causes such as heart rhythm problems would need to be investigated. I suggest that you (or whoever you know that had a stroke) schedule an appointment with a neurologist. This type of doctor is an expert in stroke prevention and can help someone get the type of therapy they need to be able to function at their optimal levels. Good luck.

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