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"Will my father get better if his stroke treatment is delivered by IV?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my father get better if his stroke treatment is delivered by IV?


What are our other options? This is what there doing now but don?t' know if its' the best.


A stroke can be a devastating event. Also known as a cerebrovascular accident, this is caused by a disruption of blood supply to the brain which results in the damage of a part of the brain. There are some treatments for strokes. The method of delivering this treatment varies. I would recommend you discuss your concerns with your father's neurologist -- or brain specialist. A stroke unfortunately has no definitive treatment. At this point, there is no treatment to revive dead brain cells. Therefore the treatment of stroke is mainly focused on preventing a second and devastating stroke. The prevention of the second stroke depends on the type of stroke. There are some pills that help (aspirin and cholesterol medicine being some) and there are some IV forms of medicine (some blood thinners such as heparin). In general, for pretty much every medicine that is given by IV, there is an equivalent pill form. Therefore, to answer your question -- NO, there is likely no difference in quality of treatment between pills and IV. Keep in mind the most effective treatment for recovery of the actual stroke is physical therapy. This allows for improved movement, speech function, swallowing function etc. Your therapist can help focus on the areas of most concern. Talk to your father's neurologist for more information.

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