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"How can I avoid getting an infection after getting surgery on my wrist?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I avoid getting an infection after getting surgery on my wrist?


I realize that I'm more open to infection after surgery. What can I do to avoid making myself sick?


Some questions to consider include what type of surgery this is, is it going to be an open or endoscopic procedure? What were the percentage risks associated with infection that were discussed with your surgeon prior to the surgery? With regards to your question, things to decrease the risk of infection after surgery include avoiding touching the incision site with your hands, keeping it clean and dry at all times, taking the antibiotics as they were prescribed to you after the surgery (if they are prescribed), and watching for wound drainage, breakdown, swelling, or worsening redness and pain around the incision site. These are all signs of possible infection and should be evaluated by your surgeon. Ask your surgeon for any other potentially concerning signs when you discuss follow up with him or her, as they will best know what possible signs of infection may be specifically associated with the surgery you are having done. In general, a good rule is that anything that is concerning to you regarding your incision or surgical site is concerning for the surgeon and should be evaluated by them. This rule goes for any type of surgery.

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